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Introduction to Photo Mechanic variables

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Variables in Photo Mechanic are placeholders for metadata information contained in a photo. For example, {filename} is a placeholder for the actual filename of a photo, so the value of the {filename} variable will be different for each photo. Variables can contain metadata automatically created by your camera, such as the aperture setting, or it can contain information that you have added, such as the User/Client variables or a color class or star rating. Variables create a powerful way to automate your workflow by using variable placeholders for tasks such as batch renaming files during ingest or adding captions or other metadata fields. 

You can use variables in most text fields within Photo Mechanic. 

Structure of variables

Photo Mechanic variables are structured inside curly brackets {} and contain only the metadata within the variable, so if you are using variables to add captions, for example, you may want to add spaces and between variables, such as "Photo by {byline}." When renaming a file, you may wish to add underscores _ rather than spaces to separate fields, such as {locationtaken}_{clientname}_{colorclass}_{sequence}.  

Adding variables

If you know the name, you can type it in full, including the curly brackets {}. You can also use the Variables... button to bring up a list of all variables. Double click on the name of a variable within the box to add it to the selected text field. 


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