Slow rendering on macOS Mojave

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Some Photo Mechanic 6 users on macOS Mojave (OS version 10.14) have noticed a problem with images rendering slowly. We recommend updating to the latest version of Photo Mechanic 6, as this fixes the issue with most users. 

Meanwhile, here are some general tips that can make rendering faster:
  • Turn off the “Always make current Preview visible in Contact Sheet” checkbox in the Preview section of the Preferences dialog.
  • If you are running Photo Mechanic 6, change your monitor's color profile to Generic RGB when using Photo Mechanic. You can switch your profile back to your preferred setting when using other software. If you have two displays, only the monitor running Photo Mechanic needs to use the Generic RGB profile. 

If you have not yet purchased Photo Mechanic 6, we recommend that you take advantage of the free 30-day trial to make sure it works well on your system. 

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