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Applying IPTC info to video files

Hello, while I know PM doesn't support video by design, I'm hoping it becomes possible for a photographer (often a videographer as well) to add stationary pad info to videos as well as images as they edit. These days, it is common for a disk to come out of a camera with both photos and videos on it and except for the actual file name of the video, I don't see any way to add searchable IPTC info to the file. I actually tried it one time anyway while looking at a shoot, but it's possible there video file was corrupted when PM attempted to attach the stationary pad to the file. If this indeed does function now, I'd love to know how to do it. 

Many Thanks, 

Photo Mechanic does offer the ability to add IPTC data to some video files, but it uses an XMP sidecar instead of embedding it into the video file. I'd suggest either emailing or calling our technical support line after the holidays, and they can walk you through the process. I'll go ahead and convert this request into a support ticket so that they can get back to you. 

Thanks very much. John Keel did reply to me and ensure that I knew about the XMP sidecar. I tested it and it seems to work fine. Thanks very much.

I'm so glad he was able to hep. 

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