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Lens model to info

Currently 'info' pane displays camera model and serial, but it's very useful to see the used lens as well. EXIF contains this data and other viewers can display it.

Corresponding EXIF tag is called Lens Model (and looks like OLYMPUS M.40-150mm f2.8 or EF-M22mm f/2 STM), not to be confused with Lens Info one (this one is buggy on some cameras).

If 'info' display could display the 'Lens Model' exif tag it would be great.

Ideal display line for it would look just like in Bridge:

Lens: OLYMPUS M.40-150mm f2.8

(as we see here, no 'model' for display and it's perfectly clear and easier to read without it).

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oh, found that in settings. {lenstype} does exactly the same thing.


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