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Optimized for touch screen

I've expressed variations on this theme before  But on the whole I'd like to see Photo Mechanic optimized for touch screens.  2-in-1 hybrids are becoming more common.  There's of course Apple's iPad Pro.  But there's also the Microsoft Surface Pro and Laptop that utilize touch screens. 

For Photo Mechanic to be fully realized on those devices, we need to see more features optimized for touch gestures.  I've mentioned this before, but the ability to FTP from a single button was great - until it was taken out of v6.

But it's more than that.  Pull down menus utilize small type, and it's hard with stubby fingers to necessarily tap those file menus.  If there was a preference, for example, that allowed those menus to be increased in size it would make touch screens productive without having to implement a ton of features just for that purpose.  

Key tasks in PM that can be made into buttons too would make the toolbar more useful.  Obviously FTP.  But also ingest.  Any commonly used feature.

I can't imagine we'll see a fully featured PM ever in Apple's OS because of the difficulty of organizing data any way other than Apple's.  But as touchscreens because more common it does seem a small amount of customization is warranted.

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Thanks, Dean. We have had some discussion around this, but I think you've highlighted some of the interface and user experience issues we'd have to consider. It's on our radar, but it's more of a future consideration rather than something we're immediately working on. 

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