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More options for transmitted photos from File Uploader

Hello, I would like to request more options for sorting transmitted files.

I would love to see some options so I know what has previously been transmitted.

"Save a copy of transmitted photos" is great, but a  'move' would be even better, or I'd even take a copy & delete if necessary.

Or an append to metadata/IPTC, i.e. once uploaded, add a keyword to each image.

Or tag images uploaded to specific server blue, a different server green.

Or when images have been transmitted, there's a green square on the thumbnails, can we just have an option to leave that there, instead of it disappearing when the contact sheet is closed?

Thanks for your consideration!

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It's a little complicated to figure out - you might upload to more than one site, for example, but I understand that you'd like a better way to track what you've uploaded. 

If you like Matt's request, please upvote or leave a comment. Thank you! 

yes, that would be great to see where the picture has been uploaded

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