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Why is there no user manual?

I would prefer, as do many others, a user manual in .pdf or other written form. Having a "wikipedia style" is asinine.

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We're looking at our options. 


That is a BS answer!  

Have your CEO tell the truth ... it is a premeditated policy decision because you think you can ‘get away with it’... you are essentially lying to your customers to not commit to a manual right now.  It is incumbent upon Camerabits to have (at least a draft) with product release.

The absence of a manual is criminal!

My suggestion:

1) Modify your sales pitch with a big disclaimer: NO MANUAL EXISTS.

2) Offer a rebate to new customers.

Customer support has been good. But, I have wasted monumental amounts of my time as well as the time of the support staff.

A PDF style manual is not very useful for software.  Have you ever tried to find the Microsoft Windows Manual or the Microsoft Word Manual?  How about the manual for Lightroom?  

Why do you think Photo Mechanic should have a manual when no other software program you use has a manual?

Here is one for Microsoft Windows 10. I just find it strange there are no books on Amazon for Photo Mechanic, a popular piece of software that have been out for years. 

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Actually all my software companies for Photography (Nikon, Affinity and Apple) have user manuals. :/

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DXO also has a nice manual.

The guides they sell on Amazon are generally published by third-party book publishers, not the company itself. The one you linked was written and published by Pearson.

When I say that we're looking at our options, I mean it. We are actively looking at possible ways to create a PDF user manual, but we have no other announcements about when or if this will happen. 

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Of course John is exactly correct!  Did anyone else notice there is only a like-button and not a dislike-button here.  And most of Camerabits have comments disabled.  That is telling.


You are wholly incorrect.


Are you referring to the missing manual for Capture NX-D?  Or the manual for iPhotos?  There are a lot of things Camera Bits can do with their time that are more productive than a manual.  I've seen two requests for a Manual over the Wiki in the last five years.

People don't read manuals.  Even if there is a manual - people just post a question.

Tom - I do like the way that knowledge base is structured. The navigation is nice and clean. 

I want to clarify a few points so we're all on the same page.
We offer an online knowledge base here:
We have a support forum here:

This is our feature request forum. 

Our Wiki was for Photo Mechanic 5, and it is no longer actively maintained. 

I am the only Camera Bits employee in this thread. 

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There is an option to save the online manual as a PDF which works quite well but not quite as good as a proper PDF manual would be.

Yeah. It only lets you do one article at a time right now, which is disappointing. The wiki let you print everything at once, but the formatting wasn't great. Ideally we'll have a solution that offers both a properly formatted PDF manual and searchable Knowledge Base articles from the same source material. 

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