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Additional File Formats

I would love to see Photo Mechanic add additional file formats to the program. Specifically I would like to see "AI" viewing capabilities added. In addition to my photo needs, I use Photo Mechanic as a viewer to see thumbnails of my graphics files. Currently I need to create an additional JPG file for this purpose. If  the program could view AI format it would make my workflow much better. Photo  Mechanic on top of everything else is also the best thumbnail viewer on the market.

As of this point, we do not have plans to support it. Traditionally we haven't supported previews for files that don't come from cameras, but as we further develop Photo Mechanic Plus and the DAM capabilities, we may look at other graphic formats. A lot of it will depend on how easy it is to see a preview from AI. If we have to build a render engine, it's unlikely that we'll be able to afford the developer time.

Thanks for the reply. I was hopeful that the "Catalog" capabilities of 6 Plus that it would open up the market for new customers in the graphic arts fields as well.  I love Photo Mechanic and am excited to see what the future holds.

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