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Canon FTP Filter Files Sent Images

Hi there. is any way of getting some type of selection in PM to see what files have been sent by Canon Camera using their built in FTP.

usual Workflow on camera is to TAG the image and then press Set to send it. Problem arrises though when you have a slow data connection and you can send Multiple files at once but you cant TAG them at the same time whilst it is sending. Can be painful attimes.

Must be some sort of Code that PM might be bale to see in the file that will identify the Sent one. A cirlcle appear on the file on the camera when it is sent so wonderd if it could read that.

Thanks as always for your time


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100% agree with this, would be a huge help

I'm not sure there is some sort of code we could see on the files for this. Unless it modifies the file in some way or leaves a log file, we'd have no idea whether or not the photo had been sent. Does this circle still appear on the file if you remove the memory card and reinsert it or is it something the camera temporarily displays within the same session?

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