Sometimes you may need to adjust your settings in Photo Mechanic to make sure metadata follows your photos as you use other apps. Software can look for metadata in different places, so you’ll have to specify where and how to keep it.

You can select a specific group of settings designed to work best with common software packages. Do this from the Snapshot (lightning bolt) button:

Adobe settings

When working with Raw files that Adobe will try to look for metadata in XMP sidecar files that live alongside each Raw file.  

To set Color Classes in Photo Mechanic to match Adobe Lightroom, we recommend using the Adobe preset from the Snapshot menu. You can change labels 6,7 & 8 to your own personal preference. 


Capture NX2 settings

As of 2013, Capture NX2 doesn’t make use of XMP sidecar files, so tell Photo Mechanic to look for embedded XMP first.

This information covers Photo Mechanic version 5.   See what's new in Photo Mechanic 6 and try it free for 30 days.