You can use Photo Mechanic to burn photos to multiple CDs or DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.

Select the images you want to include and choose File> Burn Photos to Disk.

Burning includes the following options:

RAW+JPEG Handling

If the photos include any RAW and JPEG pairs, then you can choose to burn them as a pair or include only the JPEG or RAW files from the pairs. 

Parent folder hierarchy

Choose how much of the folder structure you want to copy onto your discs.  No parent structure burns just the photos without any folders. One level structure burns photos within folders, and two-level structure copies up to two levels of folders. 

Burn WAV files

If you have sound annotations, use this option to include them. 

Additional files

Add extra files in addition to your photos, such as readme text files or license agreements.  

Photo Mechanic estimates how many discs you need for all selected photos and files and prompts you to change discs when necessary. You may use discs of different storage capacity if you choose.