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Proxy Settings for Activation

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On MacOS

    On systems running Apple macOS®, use the System Preferences> Network Panel and go to the Proxies section to configure your settings. Be sure to allow Photo Mechanic access to your Keychain so that it may get your complete HTTP proxy settings automatically.

On Windows

    If your computer is behind a firewall and requires the use of a Proxy server then Photo Mechanic can be configured to use settings contained within a proxy settings file.

    First, create a text file named: http-proxy-settings.cfg

Inside the file place the following information (one piece of information per line):

proxy server name or IP address

port number to contact it with

username for the proxy server (if required by that server)

password for the proxy server (if required by that server)


    You will put the http-proxy-settings.cfg file into a system folder. You may need to change your system to allow hidden system files and folders to be shown. To do this in Windows Explorer:

  1. Click on Local Disk ( C: )
  2. Click on the Tools menu.
  3. Click on the Folder options... menu item.
  4. Click on the View tab.
  5. Find the Hidden files and folders items in the Advanced settings list box.
  6. Click on the Show hidden files, folders and drives radio button
  7. Click OK to Apply the changes.

    Once you've done that, you can place the http-proxy-settings.cfg in the following location:

For Windows, the location is C:\ProgramData\Camera Bits, Inc\Photo Mechanic\


    While entering your username and password into a plain text file is less than secure, the http-proxy-settings.cfg file only needs to exist long enough for the registration process to complete. The file should then be deleted. 

    Note: Photo Mechanic will also be unable to automatically check for updates if you delete this cfg file. If you want to deactivate Photo Mechanic on this computer in order to free up a seat for your license, you will need to create this file again in the same place.

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