"To CBITS agents: Older versions of macOS may require a more complicated installation. If service doesn't work for user and they are not on current version of macOS, have user  follow these instructions from the V5 wiki:

Installing the service

When you download the Photo Mechanic installer, there is a folder called Extras that exists alongside the installer. Just copy the BrowseWithPMService.service item to your home directory's Library/Services/ folder. If the Services folder does not exist in your home directory's Library folder, you can just create it and then copy the BrowseWithPMService.service item. Copying the service to your home directory's Library/Services/ folder will make the service available only to your account. If you wish to make it available for all accounts then you can instead copy it your boot drive's Library/Services/ folder. Create the Services folder in your boot drive's Library folder if it doesn't exist. Then, copy the service there. Now, all users will have access to the Browse with Photo Mechanic service.

On some versions of OSX, the service may still not work. If that is the case for you, try holding down the OPTION key while selecting "Browse with Photo Mechanic." You should be shown a dialog to choose an application. Select Photo Mechanic here once, and it should work normally after that. If you have multiple versions of Photo Mechanic installed in your computer, this procedure will allow you to tell the service which instance of Photo Mechanic to be launched.

Uninstalling the Service

All you need to do is find the service and move it to the Trash and then the next time you restart the Finder it will be gone. The service will be located in one of two places:

  1. In the Services folder contained in the Library folder that is in your home folder.
  2. In the Services folder contained in the Library folder that is on the root of your boot drive.

Once you find the "BrowseWithPMService.service" item, just move it to the Trash and then restart the Finder by either restarting or logging out of your account.