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Photo Mechanic Plus Pricing and Info

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Overview of Photo Mechanic Plus

    Photo Mechanic Plus is a new premium edition of Photo Mechanic that includes a powerful image database. This database creates catalogs of as many photos as you have. Photo Mechanic Plus contains all the features of regular Photo Mechanic with the catalogs feature added. 

New Licenses and Upgrade Pricing

    The introductory price of Photo Mechanic Plus is:

  • A new license is US$229
  • An upgrade from Photo Mechanic 6 is $90.
  • Upgrading from Photo Mechanic version 5 depends on when you purchased that license: 
    • If you purchased your Photo Mechanic version 5 license after Jan 1, 2018, you would be eligible for a free upgrade to Photo Mechanic 6. Therefore, an upgrade from Photo Mechanic version 5 to Photo Mechanic Plus would be $90.
    • If you purchased Photo Mechanic version 5 prior to that date, the cost of the upgrade to Photo Mechanic Plus would be $179.

    To check your upgrade eligibility, you can login to your Camera Bits account anytime at: After you are logged in, click on the "Buy" link to see your upgrade price if you are eligible.

Trial Photo Mechanic Plus

    The 30-day free trial of Photo Mechanic currently includes the full functionality of Photo Mechanic Plus. After your trial is over, you can decide which edition to purchase. Even if you have already had a free trial of Photo Mechanic 6, free trials have been “reset” to give all current users a chance to try Photo Mechanic Plus. 

"Introductory" Pricing

    There is not a fixed time for the introductory price period. We recommend trying the product and then if you find the functionality worth it, to make your decision based on the price at the time. When the introductory period ends, the price of a new license of Photo Mechanic Plus will be $399, and the price for upgrades will also adjust accordingly.

Current Users of Photo Mechanic 6

    Once Photo Mechanic Plus is working on your computer, we recommend that you uninstall Photo Mechanic 6. There are currently no features in Photo Mechanic 6 that you cannot find in Photo Mechanic Plus. Photo Mechanic 6 and Photo Mechanic Plus share the same preferences, connection settings, and snapshots. 

    While it is technically possible to switch between Photo Mechanic 6 and Photo Mechanic Plus, we do not recommend it since all the features of Photo Mechanic 6 are already included in Photo Mechanic Plus. We recommend that you uninstall Photo Mechanic 6  after you upgrade and use Photo Mechanic Plus for everything from culling and tagging to filtering and catalogs. 

    Note: If you do use Photo Mechanic 6 to edit or move photos in Photo Mechanic Plus Catalogs, your catalogs will get out of sync with the changes you made outside the program. Go to Catalog>Catalog Sync... to fix this. 

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