If you downloaded Photo Mechanic 6 build 5716 or Photo Mechanic Plus build 5716* and are experiencing issues with opening images in other applications: 

  1. For Photo Mechanic 6, make sure to update to the current PM Build 5781 or later. 
  2. For Photo Mechanic Plus, please update to Photo Mechanic Plus build 5820 or later. You can download the respective installers at camerabits.com/downloads
  3. Run the downloaded installer
  4. Open the Contact Sheet of images that you had ingested with Photo Mechanic 6 build 5716 or Photo Mechanic Plus build 5716
  5. Select all the images with cmd-a (macOS) or ctrl-a (Win)
  6. Go to the Tools menu and select Revert TIFF-based RAW to original
  7. In the window that comes up, check the box for Backup IPTC/XMP..., then click Revert.

This will correct the bad data without losing any of the work that you have done.

Let us know if you have any further questions or issues, and we apologize for this bug. Ingesting should no longer be an issue once you update to the latest builds of Photo Mechanic 6 (build 5781 or later) or Photo Mechanic Plus (build 5820 or later).

* You can find out which build of Photo Mechanic you are running by going to About Photo Mechanic in the Photo Mechanic menu on macOS, or in the Help menu on Windows.