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  • activate

    Licensing and Activations

    Lost your license key? Can't run Photo mechanic because you have too many activations? Get help here.
  • plus-support

    Photo Mechanic Basics

    Get up and running and saving time with Photo Mechanic
  • ingest-from-selection


    Installing Photo Mechanic on Windows or macOS is a cinch. You can even do it offline.
  • hot-codes

    IPTC Stationery Pad

    The IPTC Stationery Pad is the heart of managing metadata in Photo Mechanic. Learn how.
  • settings

    Contact Sheets

    The Contact Sheet is the fundamental way of looking at photos in Photo Mechanic. Find out how to use it.
  • directory-cache

    Using PM With Other Software

    Photo Mechanic is designed to operate smoothly with other software, especially pixel-editing suites. Find out more here.

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