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Create an iOS version of Photo Mechanic

A number of people have requested an iOS version of Photo Mechanic for use on iPads, particularly the iPad Pro. We may consider this for future development, but we are not making any announcements at this time. 

However, we'd still really like to hear from you. How would an iPad workflow look to you? Would you want a lightweight version that only has a few features or is this something you want to replace desktop use?

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I would like an iOS version for use on iPadPro to replace the desktop version. Due to weight, size and always 4G I take my iPad Pro with we instead of a laptop.

Workflow :

copy from cf-card to iPad->select keepers->batch rename using template->batch apply IPTC using template. Basically same as now on desktop.

then edit : batch convert using Pixelmator Photo->edit->export

So batch rename, IPTC template and IPTC controlled vocabulary support are minimal requirements. Support for xml sidecar files, export from shuttersnitch, is nice to have.

YES YES YES Please make this possible, I use MBP16 now which handles PM6 so well, but just sometimes I have the need to run very light and the iPadPro is so good, but the workflow using Lr and ShutterSnitch makes it a bit clunky and the inability to create inboard iptc templates on the device is a workflow I have struggled with, PM6 on a laptop is so sweet, a migration to iOS would be an amazing upgrade, I would even pay for a new licence if needed PM6Mobile  ( ?!?!? )

Yes. Just for quick sorting in the field: 

Copy card to an external SSD with iPadOS file manager for backup / review / delete / star rate. Maybe process one or two in LR mobile. Import to LR CLASSIC at home from the SSD with rejects / ratings already labelled. I want to use my iPadOS as the processor, doing what a GNARBOX does, but with a generic USB C external SSD. 

This is great feedback, everyone. Keep the comments coming! 


I just bought the ipad pro. The new model. I work as a press photographer (Nordjyske.DK) and have used Photo Mechanic for many, many years.  I have been blown away by how easy and good iPad Pro work with photos. Now on external hard drives and so on. 

So I would very much like a Photo Mechanic that works on iPad Pro. If it can only be a light version in the first place, that's ok. The most important thing is to be able to organize the pictures. Rename the pictures. Sort and pass the pictures on. Deciding to get started, I will gladly test it through our workflow.

Thanks, Kim. We might reach out to you for that at some point in the future.  

You are so welcome. Take care 

I would love to see an iOS version of PM.

I've switched from MacOS to iOS and now do most of my news work on the iPad Pro using Lightroom.

The metadata handling in Lightroom is not ideal. The ability to caption, rename and send images in a iOS version would be brilliant.

My current workflow involves importing images into Lightroom for editing and then captioning and keyboarding them (very limited and no batch function) and then exporting these images into camera roll for uploading either via Dropbox or FTP app Transmit.

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