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Create an iOS version of Photo Mechanic

A number of people have requested an iOS version of Photo Mechanic for use on iPads, particularly the iPad Pro. We may consider this for future development, but we are not making any announcements at this time. 

However, we'd still really like to hear from you. How would an iPad workflow look to you? Would you want a lightweight version that only has a few features or is this something you want to replace desktop use?

To show your interest in this please upvote by liking this post or leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

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I would like an iOS version for use on iPadPro to replace the desktop version. Due to weight, size and always 4G I take my iPad Pro with we instead of a laptop.

Workflow :

copy from cf-card to iPad->select keepers->batch rename using template->batch apply IPTC using template. Basically same as now on desktop.

then edit : batch convert using Pixelmator Photo->edit->export

So batch rename, IPTC template and IPTC controlled vocabulary support are minimal requirements. Support for xml sidecar files, export from shuttersnitch, is nice to have.

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