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Create an iOS version of Photo Mechanic

A number of people have requested an iOS version of Photo Mechanic for use on iPads, particularly the iPad Pro. We may consider this for future development, but we are not making any announcements at this time. 

However, we'd still really like to hear from you. How would an iPad workflow look to you? Would you want a lightweight version that only has a few features or is this something you want to replace desktop use?

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While I would love an iPad Pro version of the software... they have their hands full with the catalog at the moment. I can't think of any advantage to using an iPad Pro in that particular workflow. A laptop would accel in every way.

As a photojournalist I'd love to see an iOS version of PM that has a limited set of features (in order of importance):

  • IPTC Stationary pad with the ability to store multiple templates, this is critical and honestly if camera bits released an ap that solely did this and did it well most of us would stop requesting a version of PM on iOS
  • Ability to sort/layout images
  • Simple Exporting feature with the ability to set variables in the file name 
  • Dropbox uploader
  • FTP uploader

The workflow I use currently on my laptop involves ingesting into PM for captions and culling then going to Lightroom for edits and back to PM for sequencing and export. I'd like to have something similar on the iPad. 

Ideally, Ingesting into an iOS Photomechanic lite via SD card reader, applying batch captions from a template and then editing in Lightroom mobile before returning to IOS PM for sequencing and then filing the images.

I'm not looking to replace PM on my laptop but I'm looking for a mobile workflow that allows me to take advantage of the smaller footprint of carrying an iPad in the field. The batch captioning issue is what prevents me, along with other photojournalists, from fully relying on a mobile workflow which has the advantages of being lighter and faster. 

The mobile captioning issue has not been effectively addressed by other apps on the market and seems to a be a gap that isn't addressed for those of us that absolutely need proper captioning protocols.


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Being able to cull and sort photos through iPad which I have imported to my hard drive would be awesome! This is how I use it on my MacBook... I know I’m using it in the most basic way but it’s so much faster than importing all the photos to Lightroom to cull ... which is how I used to do it... wedding photographer here with thousands of photos to cull through. Not having to put them on my devices first has been amazing. I love I can cull straight from hard drive before ever having to import to Lightroom.

I'd like a version that imports photos from a card (would like support for both on iPad storage and possibly storing on an external drive)via both corded and wifi transfer options. Then apply captions and ideally support for toning and cropping. Then an easy FTP/Email system to send prepped photos. If using an external storage device ideally I'd be able to easily send the prepped images to the iPad's Photos app as a backup with one quick command/action. It would also be nice if there was both iPad and iPhone support as there are times with the iPad is a bit too bulky to work with but the iPhone is easy.

I’ll chime in as well that I would welcome an iPad version. Maybe even could work with an iPhone as well perhaps. But an iPad version would make for a perfect event tool for image ingesting and such. As others have already stated, it doesn’t have to be a full version like the desktop is but a slimmed down one is fine. Just need to be able to ingest, iptc, do selects and be able to export to an external drive. 

I would like to be able to use my iPad Pro more for quick and edits but metadata management is a big limitation of the currently available apps. Photo Mechanic would fill in many gaps in my current iPad workflow compared to my laptop workflow.

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