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Support for .PSB files

We've had this request in the past. Unfortunately there's not enough documentation on the file format for our developers to be able to support it. We're unable to implement at this time. 

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Really? Is there not an Adobe software developer kit that allows this to be easily done? And isn't .psb another flavor of tiff as well? It seems to me that it should go without saying that an application billed as one that will catalog PHOTOS should be able to readily read ANY image format out there. And the same goes for all the other file types that today's photographers use every day - from all the common audio files - y'know, wav, mp3, aiff, etc. and pdf's, video formats and program files for the apps that we use for all of those - Adobe Premiere, DaVinci ReSolve, ProTools, Apple Logic Pro X, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, and any that I'm not thinking of off the top of my head. 

To me this is a very disappointing attitude that is more can't do than can do. 

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It's a proprietary and undocumented format. 

Is there a way to get partial support for searches to include the .PSB files - at least for the PM6+ "Organizer" feature to be equivalent to what we can do in Navigator?  In Navigator, I can see that the .PSB exists, and I can press "E" to edit it.  In the Organizer, the file doesn't show up through any search or even a browse of the directory structure.  I'm guessing that the file doesn't get loaded into the catalog. I would think things like filename search should still be achievable regardless of the proprietary file format.

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