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Feature request: support GPR files

Is there a plan to support GPR (GoPro raw) files?

Hi Jess. I know we've received a couple of requests, but we don't have any immediate plans. The concern is that GPR files don't have an embedded JPEG preview. We'd have to either use Adobe DNG Converter, which is slow, or find another rendering solution.

We're open to considering this in the future, so please let us know how it would fit into your workflow or any other details you'd like to give us. Meanwhile, keep following this thread, and we'll let you know if the status changes. 


Hi Marziah! In terms of how it fits into my workflow, it's the same as the rest. At the same time, I usually import from my camera (RW2 and MP4), my drone (DNG and MOV) and my GoPro (GPR and MP4). From there, I rate, cull, rename and apply metadata. The only file I can't rate/cull is GPR, so I currently have to rate the JPG version and then manually delete/manage the GPR along with it.

Same question here! 

Doing this manually takes about the same time as everything else, or I just use LR for GPR files. 

Could the use of Adobe DNG converter be done for all files in the target folders in a pre-step so that actual culling/rating/meta changing speed isn't affected?


That's an interesting idea. 

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