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Tablet mode options

Hi, I've discussed this with support before, but thought that this might be the official way to put in the request. I'm now on a 2 in 1 laptop and while the program is great in laptop mode, if I go into tablet mode (for example I'm trying to edit in a car or a vehicle where I don't want to have a full laptop up), it's pretty burdensome to switch between images and rate. It would be great if there were options for touch to at least go through this part of the process in a friendlier way. Can provide additional detail and images. 

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Ok, so rather than a tablet version, you'd like an improved touch screen user interface? Please do give us more details. 


This isn't something we're working on in the immediate future, but it is something we can look at for future development. 

Hi Marziah, yes, ideally an improved touch screen interface would be a good start, then at some point a tablet version (though with 2 in 1s, I'm not sure how that would work when changing from one state to another).

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