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Connect with "GeoNames"

 Hello, i've bought Photo Mechanic hust 1 hour ago and its a very beautiful and helpful software.

I only miss one importing thing:

For the reverse geocode i use "GeoNames", a very helpful service.

Your internal solution delivers in my region ("Germany") sometimes unexactly results, so i would be very interested in an update with the integration of "GeoNames".

Maybe interesting for many users.

Many thanks and best regards

Matthias Kunde

mavia e.K.

D-42719 Solingen

Hi! Thanks for your suggestion. Can you tell us which locations are inaccurate? We may be able to update our existing integrations for more accurate results. 

Hi, thanks for your fast comment.

Geonames works very good ant the low costs guarantate very good results.

The attached file has GPS coordinates.

The city has to be "Solingen" and not "Wald" if you proceed the "reverse Geosetting".

Many thanks an best regards


(205 KB)

Thanks for the example photo, Mathias. This really helps. We're discussing our options on how to give you and other users more accurate geocoding results. 

Just to keep you updated, we're working ways for users to list their preferences for more accurate geocode lookups, but we are not looking at switching to GeoNames at this time.  We feel that this will be a more powerful solution for all users. 

To fix your immediate problem, you may want to look at code replacements or simple find and replace to correct the place names. Feel free to reach out to customer support if you need any assistance on this.

Thank you so much for your idea and feedback, Mathias! 

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