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Comparing more than 2 images

I would love to be able to pull up 3 or 4 images larger together to be able to show clients what 3 or 4 images would look like together for canvases, collage frames, etc. Similar to the compare 2 function, but being able to pull up more images together. Thank you! :)

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That's a great idea. We don't have any immediate plans, but this is certainly something to consider. I'd be really interested in hearing from anyone who would be interested in something like this. So you'd mainly use this for client presentations?  Could you tell me a little about yourself? How long have you been using Photo Mechanic, which operating system do you use, and what's your primary focus? (ie weddings, photojournalism, events, etc)

Thanks for the suggestion, Jacki. 

Thanks Marziah! Yes, I would use this mostly for client presentations. I've been in business for 19 years - did 11 years in weddings and now I do mostly senior portraits, with occasional families. I think I've been using Photo Mechanic for at least 10 years, maybe longer? 

At each client's viewing session, I show the senior & their parents a slideshow first (in another app), and then we go through all of the images using Photo Mechanic - we look at them two at a time, so they can compare and choose their favorites of each set. Then at the end, they often would like to pick 3 or 4 to hang together on the wall, and they want to see how different images would look together. Currently my best way of doing this is to move the 4 that they are considering to the top of the contact sheet, and then make them as large as possible on my screen. Then I pull other options up to one of those four spots to show them alternates. It's much clunkier than the smooth process for showing them two at a time, so I would love it if there was an option to show 4 images at once and be able to click through to switch any of those 4 out, like I do when I'm showing two at a time.
I am on a 27 inch Mac, Catalina OS 10.15.

Please let me know if I can give you any other input that would be helpful, or I'd be happy to be a beta tester! :)

Thank you. This does help. If you'd like to beta test, we do have an open beta for Photo Mechanic Plus here:  I'd be curious if using the collections feature in Plus might be an improvement over just using the contact sheet. 

I am in desperate need of this feature. I have switched recently to PM from doing all of my culling in Lightroom. In LR I made heavy use of the Survey view where you can select multiple images and bring them up on the screen side by side. Since there is no equivalent feature in PM I am forced to continue using LR for some of my culling.

Currently I do my first pass in PM to tag all the usable photos (sharp, good expression, etc.). This still leaves lots of duplicate images that are too similar to each other, as well as sequences of photos that are too long (for instance I might have 12 good, usable images from a first look, however I want to get that down to 5 or 6).

The survey view is the perfect tool for this type of culling - when I can see an overview of a particular set of photos it's much easier to decide which ones I want to include and which ones to remove, compared to looking at them one or two at a time.

So right now I bring everything into LR and do a second cull where I can use Survey view to narrow down to a tight edit that clearly tells the story without being redundant.

I would really love to stay in PM for that second cull and then only go into LR when I am ready to start actually editing in the Develop module, but sadly as it stands I'm not able to do that.

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