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Count rated images in the preview screen

Hello!  I would love to have a live count of rated images in the preview screen.  As of now, I need to go back to the contact sheet to check.  

Also in the preview screen, I would love to click on a specific area and zoom in and while holding down the left mouse button, i would be able to move around the image.  FastStone Image Viewer does this.

One way that you can see a count of rated images in the Preview window is to wait until you have finished rating your images, then hide all of the non-rated shots so only your rated images are showing. Next, select all of the rated images using Cmd/Ctrl-A and then open the Preview window. At the very top of the Preview window right after the filename, you will see 1 of #, with the second number being the total number of images selected. 

Hi - also wanted to add that while you can't use the left mouse button for this, you can move images around with your mouse and use the z key to zoom. 

In response to John, there must be a more immediate way.  It would be great if you rate your images and see how many are rated in real time.  Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.

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