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HEIC file support

Support for Apple's native image format. Having to convert to a JPEG (or other format) that can be manipulated by Photo Mechanic is far from ideal. 

I need another tool to perform the conversion, which creates files that can be 2-3x larger with no gain in quality.

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Thanks for your suggestion. It's a great idea and something we may implement in the future. 

If anyone reading this is also interested in the feature, use the "Do you like this idea?" link to let us know you're interested. User interest helps us prioritize. 

I would like to have HEIC files supported by PM.  My iPhone is my most used camera and the original HEIC files look good, so it is a pity to have to convert them.

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This will be even more important now that Canon has announced the upcoming EOS 1D X Mark III will support the format:

I'm happy to announce that we are working on adding HEIC support. I don't have a specific date for release, but I will keep you updated. Thanks everyone for giving us your feedback. 

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(Correction from earlier.) Preliminary HEIF/HEIC support is now live in the latest version of the Photo Mechanic Plus beta.

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Thanks for the update! Just installed Version 6.0, build 3954 (158b808), but doesn't seem to support HEIC files. Is there another version we should be using?

I double-checked, and it looks like it's just included in the Photo Mechanic Plus beta right now per the release notes. I'm so sorry for the confusion. 

If you're interested in trying the public beta, you can download it here:

The latest build of Photo Mechanic 6 includes preliminary HIEF/HEIC support. Find it here:

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Hi PM,

While Photomechanic can display HEIF formatted files from the EOS R5/R6, the files are displayed without tonemapping them to a Standard (Non HDR) display.

Canon's DPP will tone map them, but Apple's Preview and PM doesn't. See attached screenshot.

It would be great if you could consider having an option to either:

1. Display them tonemapped; or

2. When Saving them out as JPEG, apply a tonemapping to the exported file

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Support for embedded metadata would be nice, as the XMP sidecar file is currently being shared with a MOV file (for Apple Live Photos)

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