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Saturday, November 09, 2019, 10:40 a.m. 
I briefly tried out PM6 when it was first launched many months ago and did not  upgrade because I still preferred PM5.

Recently I asked for another trail test of PM6 thinking that there would be several modifications since my first test trial. Unfortunately there is still one main feature that I liked in PM5 and that was the ability to customize the toolbar in the contact sheet and Previews; I understand one can do that in previews but not the contact sheet

My recent test trial indicates that customizing the contact sheet is not possible in PM6 and that is too bad, I really loved this feature. 

Are there plans to change this so that it is possible to customize the contact sheet toolbar in PM6?

Fortunately I have not upgraded to Mac OS 14 (Catalina) and thus can continue to use PM5 until I see this feature request enacted in PM6.

Don J J Carroll

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I'm with the poster above.  The customized toolbar is important to me in the way I use PM in the Windows ecosystem.  Specifically, since we don't have PM for the iOS world, I'm using it on a Surface Pro 6.  And very specifically, I want to be able to ingest on insertion of the card to the device, have metadata applied on ingest, and go to the one-button FTP feature.  I don't see that in PM6.  You can achieve it by typing "u", but the point of this is that I don't want a keyboard.   I want ultimate speed in the newsgathering environment.  Ingest and send.  I could do that in seconds from PM5 because there was an icon for FTP in the toolbar.  I don't see a way to add that now.  I'd really like to see that in future iterations - unless I'm missing something already.

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Hi, Don. There aren't any current plans, but if there's enough interest we may implement this in the future. 

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