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Live Ingest from FTP server

Reposting this request in the new system here:

During MLB playoffs this year it became apparent just how useful this feature would be since very often the photographer, editor and server are in three different geographic locations. Photo Mechanic already has FTP code built-in to upload, it'd be nice to see it be able to download photos as well.

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Thanks for your suggestion, Kevin. I'd be interested in seeing how many others are interested in this request. Please let us know if you could also use this feature. 

Would be great, combined with a smartphone and WiFi transmitters this could also be used for real-time ingesting whilst on the field, allowing photographers working alone to immediately start culling and editing after they return to their computer without first having to wait for ingest

That is also another way to work with 2 computers in sync via FTP (Laptop + Desktop)

This is the correct function

this would be pretty great. closest workaround i've found so far is to mount an FTP as a drive and have PM's live ingest watch it, or use a service to sync an FTP server folder with a folder on a computer.

A good idea! Even better would be “Live ingest from any server” by including cloud storage. Or an open approach by allowing ftp command line arguments that allow an automatic transfer one way or sync.
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