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API-resolved HotCodes/Metadata


I thought about resolving HotCodes or filling Metadata fields via a custom API.

The user sets a web hook URL and a defined set of metadata fields that are transmitted.

If PM encounters a specially denoted variable, PM will take the values of the metadata fields and call the web hook URL with them, e.g. 


Alternatively PM could define the wanted variable within the request.

My server would then reply something like this:

    "headline": "Some headline",
    "city": "Exampletown",
    "copyrightNote": "Shot by John Doe, 2019",
    "keywordTemplate": "[city]|[event]|[head]"

The answer could be cached unless the key metadata is changed or the cache is deleted.

As seen in my example, the resolved fields could contain Hotcodes, Code Replacements or regular field names that would then be resolved.

This would allow to change the format of various fields based on other metadata.

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Thanks for your suggestion, Leonhard. I'm going to do some research and get back to you on this. 

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