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Tools: Convert RAW to DNG

Hello, I am just evaluating Photo Mechanic for the first time and it seems a heaven sent for my workflow!

Including the very useful option to convert RAWs into DNG files with a converter of my choosing. Brilliant.

It just seems to be missing the last step. An option that would allow it to automatically delete the Original RAWs and XMP sidecar files once the conversion is complete. As this requires a couple of unnecessary manual steps that could be avoided. 

Should be fairly simple to implement as well.



Hi, Bernd. Thanks for your suggestion. Personally, I like separating the steps that delete files to make sure I'm really only deleting culls, but I'd like to see what other users think. Is this a feature you'd use? Why or why not? 

Hi Marziah, thanks for getting back. I can see the benefit of both methods. The ideal solution would be another check box right here in this menu


An option to check that offers "erase original RAW and XMP after conversion".

Then everyone can choose what works best for them. Safety or speed and convenience.

What do you and everybody else think?

Oh and one more addition to that idea: It would be amazing if the conversion process could run in the background and photo mechanic was still responsive for working on another contact sheet.

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