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Even faste crop large amounts of photo's

I am a sports photographer. What I really miss is a shortcut for cropping. What I wish to have and it really will be a time saver is the possibility with a keyboard shortcurt to copy the last used crop to the current picture. Why? For instance I shoot 40 pictures of one action and in the heat of the game my camera is not horizontally. I crop the first image to fix it. Then I want to quickly copy this to the next photo. Now I have to crop the first, go with the mouse to copy the crop. Go to the next photo and go with my mouse to the paste button...I waste of time... A shortcut would be very nice. Thanks.

I am aware of this possibility in Photomechanics:

There is a copy/paste function in the Crop tool that works as follows:

1. Create a crop and add it to a photo in the Preview window. 

2. Click the 'Copy' button in the Crop panel

3. Press the right arrow key to move to the next photo

4. Click the 'Paste' button in the Crop panel and click into the photo

But it is not fast enough for me...

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Thanks, Harry. I'm going to have to do some research and get back to you with more information on this request - likely after the holidays, but I've confirmed that keyboard shortcuts do not work in that window. 

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