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Feature request - search for variables

In the variables dialog there are a LOT of variables to scroll through, and no quick way to jump to a section, or search ("let me find the options for adding month as a variable") 

You could pretty easily put the sections as a list of choices on the left as a way to jump to that section (rather than filter/limit scope) and put a search box above the variable list to do a quick search.

I would also position the dialog so it doesn't overlay the calling dialog so the user can see (positive feedback) that their variable was indeed entered in the field selected. Pretty basic stuff really.

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Great ideas Michael. We definitely do want to look at the interface and improving usability. Please leave a comment or vote on this request to help us prioritize. Thanks! 

Thanks Marziah - I used to be a UX designer in another life, so I'm always thinking of ways to make things easier. :) 

I like the way I’m able to filter in Lightroom with drop down lists and several configurable columns. Maybe you can find some inspiration there.
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