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Please allow tagging and color coding in crop preview mode

 Hi Camera Bits,

Thank you for continuing to innovate your great product.

Please update Photo Mechanic 6 to allow tagging and color coding while viewing images in the crop preview mode. I am perpetually having to re-do/loosing edit changes because I don't realize that I am in crop preview mode as I scroll through selects to complete my edit. This is most unPhoto-Mechanic-like when it comes to basic, intuitive uses of the program. 

If that suggestion is not possible, could you at least enable a warning chime (audible alert) that would notify the user when they hit the tag or color code commands on the keyboard that the change can not be done, please? At least then I would know that my keystroke was not working and could switch out of preview mode to make the change.

Thank you for considering this request,

Colin Hackley

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