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Contextmenu to delete jpg or raw if displayed combined

I would like to suggest a context menu that allows the user to delete either the jpg or the raw of a combined RAW+JPG Thumbnail (or selection).


Hi, Oliver. If you change your preferences to stop displaying a combined RAW+JPEG, you an select just the RAW from the context menu and invert the selection if you wanted to delete the JPEGs. Would that solve your problem, or am I misunderstanding what you're trying to do?

Thank you, Marziah. This is the option  I use when deleted a larger batch of either jpgs or RAWs. My request aimed at a way to go through a folder an quickly choose to either keep the jpg or the raw of pictures.

Ok - I see what you're asking. That's an interesting idea. I'd like to see if other people are also interested in this option. 

Let me know if you like Oliver's idea by either "liking" the idea or leaving a comment here. Thanks! 

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