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Single Key Shortcuts

Photo Mechanic is my favorite tool for sorting pictures, and I'd love to see a little change that would improve til great tool even more. 

Today you have two options for Single Key Shortcuts. These:

0-8 sets Color Class

0-5 sets Rating

I would suggest you combine these two with a limited selection of Color Classes with a third option:

0-5 sets Rating, 6-8 sets Color Class

Thank you for a great program and the support for iOS picture files!

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That's an interesting suggestion. I'd like to hear from other users as well. If you'd find this useful, please vote on this feature request. 

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More essential than useful. Indeed I ditched Photo Mechanic at v5 in part because there was no way to circumvent ctrl-1-5 for star ratings. When you're whittling down 000s of files, that's a huge amount of unnecessary and inefficient finger dancing.

I was delighted to see that this had changed in 6, but astonished to discover it's now single key for star rating OR colour class! -- this seems a really curious decision.

So I agree with Ole. 1 - 5 for star rating, 6 - 9 for user definable colour classes. Please! Thank you!


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