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Single Key Shortcuts

Photo Mechanic is my favorite tool for sorting pictures, and I'd love to see a little change that would improve til great tool even more. 

Today you have two options for Single Key Shortcuts. These:

0-8 sets Color Class

0-5 sets Rating

I would suggest you combine these two with a limited selection of Color Classes with a third option:

0-5 sets Rating, 6-8 sets Color Class

Thank you for a great program and the support for iOS picture files!

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That's an interesting suggestion. I'd like to hear from other users as well. If you'd find this useful, please vote on this feature request. 

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More essential than useful. Indeed I ditched Photo Mechanic at v5 in part because there was no way to circumvent ctrl-1-5 for star ratings. When you're whittling down 000s of files, that's a huge amount of unnecessary and inefficient finger dancing.

I was delighted to see that this had changed in 6, but astonished to discover it's now single key for star rating OR colour class! -- this seems a really curious decision.

So I agree with Ole. 1 - 5 for star rating, 6 - 9 for user definable colour classes. Please! Thank you!


I find it confusing that I can change the preferences for the single key, but that it only works for single photos, and not when multiple photos are selected. This is very inconsistent and confusing. And not having undo support for is very frustrating when I accidentally made a mistake again.

Please, Photo Mechanic developers, don't forget to give us single key shortcuts for star rating AND colour class at the same time

1 - 5 for star rating, 6 - 9 for user definable colour classes.  

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I agree.  Photo Mechanic is to speed workflow.  Allow us to use 6-9 and map them to color we select would be a great time saver.  

I think Kirk could knock this out with design and testing in less than one day.  I'll help him with the design.  On the Accessibility Tab, in the Single Key Shortcuts box and another option labeled

0-9 sets Rating and some Color Class

6 maps to color (allow us to choose) 

7 maps to color (allow us to choose) 

8 maps to color (allow us to choose) 

9 maps to color (allow us to choose)


Glad to see this issue appears to be gaining a little momentum. So adding a bump. Per Cedric's comment, this does seem - to my admittedly untutored mind - like a fairly easy thing to change, and it would definitely be helpful! 


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