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Reload autocomplete menu item/keyboard shortcut

By far, autocomplete has been a life saver when captioning massive amounts of images from red carpets for Awards Shows or film festival studios.  However having to add names/items to the autocomplete list and having to go through the dialog to reload the refreshed txt file adds a few more steps to an already tedious workflow, a “reload autocomplete” menu selection with keyboard shortcut - exactly the same way as “reload code replacements” already exists would make life a LOT easier.

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That's a great suggestion, Kent. I'll need to do some research with the dev team to see if there are any technical barriers. Meanwhile, if anyone else likes this request, please comment on this thread or vote for the request. 

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Also if it could have a shortcut to reload like code replacement does that would be handy. Especially given that is buried so deep in the menus. Long term it might be worth it to combine the autocomplete and code replacement dialog so they can be launched and changed from the same pane.

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Please make this happen. As someone who works with Kent, it would save us a lot of time and clicks. An even more amazing thing would be to somehow enable PM to watch recognize saves/updates to a file and automatically reload. But for now I’ll settle for just a keyboard shortcut

any update to this?

Not at this time, but we will likely reevaluate our priorities again soon as we wrap up the initial work on Photo Mechanic Plus. 

@marziah Karch: well thats disappointing to hear. :(

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