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Toggle subfolders

I will suggest that you make it more intuitive to browse folders including subfolders by adding a subfolder on/off switch (see red text).

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Thanks for your suggestion. We're always looking at ways we can make the interface more intuitive. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else as to whether or not this would be useful for you. Please leave a comment or vote for this request if it is something you would use. 

 Turning sub-directories on and off is important to me; I frequently work on projects with more than one shooting session. I find myself starting up Adobe Bridge to deal with that -- which never ends well since Bridge is big, slow, and flakey. But I never remember how to do it in Photo mechanic.

This feature would be awesome - it's called Drilldown in Kyno, and that's a good example of how it can work.

Agreed. I use nested folders for projects, with finished edits at the "root" and source images and outtakes in subfolders. If I understand correctly there is no way in Plus to view just the root images as one would in Bridge without loading the contents of the subfolders as well. A simple toggle in the Browse UI would solve this problem nicely.

Adobe Lightroom has the ability to toggle subfolders on/off in a selection on the Grid.  If you are looking to attract more Lightroom users (and many are looking for an alternative to the monthly subscription model), then adding this feature would be one more reason for them to switch to Photo Mechanic Plus.

I absolutely agree. Without this simple capability I find myself constantly switching between PM+ and Bridge. Having the ability to toggle prominently placed in UI is also a good idea. And without it, I must choose between using PM+ and reorganizing how my files are structured.

I will add that the same functionality / UI can work for filter [by folder path] as well. 

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