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Filter files sent by Canon camera to FTP

People filing directly from camera to editorial will understand.

After a good assignment when you twice scrolled couple of thousands of files from camera you want to back them up, you do not always have time to scroll it another time from laptop.
Thing is - Canon camera do not mark sent files with rating or any IPTC field, it uses another method, a listing file, maybe. But it does save information on CF for sure (if I insert card in different camera it mark same files as sent).

So if it will be an option - to filter sent files in PM, life would be better for sure.

With respect from Saint Petersburg photojournalists community :)

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I'm going to create a support ticket and send this to Andrew to see if we have a solution that can solve this right now. 

is there a solution to do this right now?

I'm not sure. Anton was going to get back with a file for troubleshooting, but this ticket was closed.  

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