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Support for real-time filtering and UI updating while culling pictures

On the culling process, I often look at two photos and then I want to demote one photo and not see it again, but I am not ready to delete it either.  In Lightroom, the user can say show me pictures > 3 star, then on a pic, give it 2 stars and it drops from the list.  This would be a killer feature for your software - i know others would use it.  Heck, it's even in LR :)  so you know it's common as use-cases go.  This would leverage your super fast viewing capabilities and then extend this to the fine-tuning/culling process. 

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Ok, so you'd like an auto refresh rather than using a filter and hitting F5 as you cull, correct? I'll have to do some research on how much that would affect the speed performance for other actions. In the mean time, if this is a feature you'd like to see, please upvote Steve's suggestion or leave a comment. 

Hi Marziah - thanks for the engagement on this topic.  The key behavior is very similar if not exactly what LR provides.  I have a list of photos based on filter criteria.  For example, on my first pass I often mark photos I like as "3."  Upon completion I would like to be able to say "Show me all the pics >3" and then I see that list.  In that list, I might realize that I have too many photos and I want to narrow this down.  This is very common when I take portraits - I have too many and want to get this from 10 similar pics to just one or two.  So when i am reviewing, on a picture that I don't select, I mark it a 2.  At this point, I would like the pic to disappear from the list.  I want to avoid refiltering the list, etc.  It should say "Oh, you have a list with a filter of >3 and this pic is a 2, so let me drop this from the list."  This is how LR handles this.  The upside is that I often am not ready to delete these pics, I just want to get to the best ones. If I an quickly reduce this by changing stars on that filtered list and it updates, this keeps me out of LR just that much longer.  I hope this additional detail makes sense!

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