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Local IPTC Stationary Pad or IPTC snapshot selection for all file operation dialogs

I use the copy and save photos dialogs a lot for organizing files for uploading to different clients and servers. Each location has slightly different file and IPTC requirements. I can control a lot of the settings using copy/save option snapshots, but I still need to go in and edit the IPTC template each time. I would love to be able to specify a particular IPTC snapshot as part of the copy/save dialog. Below is a screenshot of where I want the option to select an IPTC template.


Here's a typical step-by-step use case: 

  1. Caption and process photos as normal
  2. Select edit of photos to send to publication
  3. Use "copy photos" to copy those selects to my upload folder (renaming and applying IPTC) as required. I use the lightning button to select the copy snapshot that renames the photos correctly and puts them in the correct folder. But I have to manually open the IPTC template and select the IPTC snapshot each time I use the "copy photos" dialog. This is where I want the snapshot to let me select an IPTC snapshot without having to do it manually. 
  4. Upload photos from that folder.

The feature I'm talking about would be useful in the "save photos" dialog and "FTP photos" dialog, as well. Not sure about others, but those are the ones I use all the time. 

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Thanks, Scott. I appreciate the detail and screenshots you've provided. This is something we may look at in the future. 

If you like Scott's request and think it should be a priority, please let us know by upvoting or commenting here. 

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