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File renaming : Reset SEQ when prefix or suffix changes

Im looking for an option to reset the renaming {seq} number when the prefix or suffix of a filename changes.

When renaming images I use  metadata  information and a sequence number to “generate” the file name,  PREFIX_SEQ_SUFFIX.  For my images I use  YEARMONTHDAY of the capture time as the prefix  (or event id and capture date ).   

For a given event or session I’ll have images from different cameras and sources, and often they will span more than one day. On ingest I’ll also add information to  the event information  ( CES2020_DAYONE_MORNING… HHWedding_Rehersal,  HHWedding_Ceremony, HHWedding_Reception….)

With all the event images in a single contact sheet I’ll sort them by capture time and then have PM rename them using capture date and or event id as a prefix and then add a sequence number.

Right now the sequence number is contiguous  for the whole set of pictures. ie ..MONDAY001, MONDAY002, TUESDAY003 ….

Today I have to manually select images in the contact sheet for a given day/event rename them, then select the next batch of images, reset the sequence number, rename images… Rinse and repeat.

What I would like is to have an option for PM to reset  the sequence number when the Prefix (and/or Suffix changes). So we get MONDAY001,MONDAY002,TUESDAY001,…. 

If the generated filename already exists then the next sequence number is used (which PM does already, and a feature I depend on )



Thanks for this feedback, Gary. I'm going to do some research on this request and get back to you. 

Ok, I double checked to make sure this wasn't currently something Photo Mechanic could do, and it is not. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be something we could do with a quick programming fix. We're currently focused on getting Photo Mechanic Plus ready for release, but we may revisit this idea in the future. 

For now, you might try ingesting into individual folder paths for each day and then bulk renaming.

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