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Face Detection

I would like PhotoMechanic to be able to recognize faces and detect closed eyes, automatically tagging them (perhaps with a custom icon) 

We shoot high school formal and graduation photos and so have zillions of images shot in a studio setting that must be tagged.  This would be an enormous help.


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Hi, Craig! Thanks for adding this request. We would love to incorporate AI in the future. We're still evaluating how we could accomplish this and don't have an immediate timeline. 

If anyone else would like to see us incorporate face recognition, please upvote this request and/or leave a comment here. This helps us prioritize our work. 

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I'd like to see this as well.  

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Well, that is two requests, I presume this now goes into development immediately? 

If we had infinite developers on our team, we'd have it done yesterday. ;-)  

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses... blah blah blah,  :-p

Face detection  by PM would be very helpful. A work around could be the transfer of the results from "tag that photo". I hope face detection will be established in the near future.

We'd love to incorporate face detection. 

Over the past 2 weeks we have generated over 40000 images... I have had to check for blinks in nearly all of them... face detection, please!!!!   *on knees grovelling**

I have been chasing the ability to face detect and automatically label images as currently going through someone else’s 40,000 unlabelled images of relatively few people. I am sure everyone is faced with similar issues which an automatic system would be extremely useful for, if I did not already have PM6 then I would certainly choose software based on this ability as it is such huge human work for something that the AI can do simply

I wonder what an infinite developer would look like?

Face detection would be a wonderful addition.  I loved it in Picasa.

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Picasa face detection was very useful. Not the just facial rec bit the detection of if their is a face or not and being able to segregate out photos that have no face automatically. I've been keeping an older computer around with an older OS version just to run picasa  on it for its face detection uses. 

While waiting for this addition which would be very useful indeed, it could be interesting if some people could share some ideas about other programs which they use for face recognition, combined with PMP.

I use Lightroom classic desktop face detection now and I used to use Picasa face detection. Also google photos and Amazon photos face detection cloud. All of them work really well.
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