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Face Detection

I would like PhotoMechanic to be able to recognize faces and detect closed eyes, automatically tagging them (perhaps with a custom icon) 

We shoot high school formal and graduation photos and so have zillions of images shot in a studio setting that must be tagged.  This would be an enormous help.


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Hi, Craig! Thanks for adding this request. We would love to incorporate AI in the future. We're still evaluating how we could accomplish this and don't have an immediate timeline. 

If anyone else would like to see us incorporate face recognition, please upvote this request and/or leave a comment here. This helps us prioritize our work. 

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I'd like to see this as well.  

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Well, that is two requests, I presume this now goes into development immediately? 

If we had infinite developers on our team, we'd have it done yesterday. ;-)  

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses... blah blah blah,  :-p

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