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Face Detection

I would like PhotoMechanic to be able to recognize faces and detect closed eyes, automatically tagging them (perhaps with a custom icon) 

We shoot high school formal and graduation photos and so have zillions of images shot in a studio setting that must be tagged.  This would be an enormous help.


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Craig blink detection is different then face detection and may or may not be implemented. There are workflows that can help I’m not sure that this is the right forum to discuss that.

One of my wishes for photo mechanic plus (PMP) is to 

1) the detect the faces in (old or new) photos, 

2) to label the faces nearly automatedly and

3) to save the names of the persons of interest as keyword with the photos for retrieval.

For me the advantage is that I could search for e.g. the members of my family in PMP.

In the appendix I give you short examples obtained with "Mylio" and "Tag That Photo" (TTP).

One posibility would be to detect and tag photos with TTP. Thereafter the position of the face(s) and the name of the person(s) is (are) shown in PMP.  

So face detection could be a very helpful feature of PMP.


From Microsoft's Azure Page

Face detection, analysis, and recognition is an important capability for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The Face cognitive service in Azure makes it easy to integrate these capabilities into your applications.

just as long as what ever form it eventually takes - it can tag images that are - or suspected to be, blinks, and has the ability to learn if it makes a mistake.  Just face detection would be useless for me as every single photo I take has a face in it, and I don't need to identify people by face - at least there is no need for that for me at the moment - it is just not something that could happen for me.  But catching blinks - damn that would speed things up. 

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