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Delist and deauthorize, three per year, why? Website account, allow changes

I've had computer troubles... all the other software I use allow me to access my account online and remove authorizations... CameraBits allows three per year if you don't deauthorize the software before your computer crashes... (aka I can't if it crashes...) and if you NEVER have that version of the computer back (likely since you might of had to move onto another computer or it got wiped clean...)... would be helpful to your customer service people as well as your customers if we could just log on and boot off any preexisting authorizations...

Just a thought...

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Hi, Jeff. We agree. We'd like to create a way for you to manage your activations online. I don't have a timeline for you on when we'll be able to roll it out, Right now our developers are working on getting Photo Mechanic Plus out as soon as possible, but feature requests and upvotes help us prioritize what we work on next. 

Everyone, if you'd like to see us create a way to manage your activations online, please upvote this feature request and/or leave a comment here. Thanks so much for your feedback. 

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