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Batch process different snapshots


I routinely need to export a file set to 3 or more different "Save Photo As..." snapshots.  At the moment, I need to do this manually. 

It would be great to be able to check the different ones, that I want to run, select their destinations and then press go and it runs all of them, either concurrently or in one at a time. 

Lightroom recently added this ability on export - but it is very slow, so unless I am going to be stepping away from the computer for a while, I only export the main file size set and then do the rest in PM.


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Hi, Craig. This is a great suggestion and something we've discussed as a future possibility, but it's not currently something we have in development.  

Please upvote this request or leave a comment if this is a feature you'd like to see us work on. 

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