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Variable filtering

When I want to add a variable, say {year4}, but I am not sure if it is yr4 or year4 or yearfour, I need to scroll to the time section and then to the year section and select the appropriate variable. What I want is a filter so I type "year" and it shows me all the variable that include the year function: year2 and year4. Or if I type day it can show me day, day0, dow, dow3, today, todayday, todayday0, todaydow, etc. And I would only have to scroll through similar variables.

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Thanks, David. We're evaluating ways we could make the interface for selecting variables more intuitive. 

ApolloOne is a great example that shows how useful such a feature can be. I keep using it whenever I want to explore the available metadata, but such a feature would also be useful for when trying to figure out which PM variables to use. It is surprisingly difficult to see all available variables in PM, and I had to create my own Edit: Settings:  Set Info Text...: Snapshot

BTW, I am getting an error every time I post to this feature request forum. It still seems to post my message as long as it's just plain text, but it doesn't work if I add a hyperlink, attachment or insert an image

The Set Info Text sample that I wanted to include in my above message, shortened to the use case, was:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
== IPTC Fields ==
- iptcyear2:            {tab}{iptcyear2}
- iptcyear4:            {tab}{iptcyear4}

== Time ==
- todayyear2:           {tab}{todayyear2}
- todayyear4:           {tab}{todayyear4}
- year2:                {tab}{year2}
- year4:                {tab}{year4}


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