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psd files

the thumbnails for my psd files are still blank.   Same problem with previous version.   Was told that the problem is that my psd files are not backward compatible.  Understand failure to use backward compatibility decreases the file size and can change the file to backward compatible should the occasion demand.

I'm going to convert this to a ticket to see if Andrew can help you out on this. 

appreciate it.     Frustrating being required to use bridge as my browser.

thank you,

henry hawkins

As far as supporting PSD images that haven't been saved with the "Maximize compatibility" setting on, that's not a feature we're planning to add at this time. 

Here's more info from Adobe on that setting, which is what is used for any program that doesn't support viewing layers.

I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread since you've already been in contact with Andrew about your files.