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Auto Rotate and scale when Proof printing

It would be great if Proof printing had an option to "Make all Landscape" or "Make all Portrait".   

I sometimes need to make prints onsite during an event.  I could use the Proof Command, except that I want to fill the paper with the image and some images are landscape and some are portrait.

Ideally, I would also like an option to expand and auto-crop the image to fit the available area on the paper.  If the image has a 2:3 aspect ratio, and I am proofing on 8x10 paper, I would like the center of the image to fill the paper with the extra cropped out.  Clearly, this needs to be an option, as some uses do require the full image.

Thanks, Michael. I really like this suggestion, but our developers tell me this would take a lot of effort because they'd have to write it twice. Printing is OS-specific.  

Everyone, if you're reading this and would find this feature useful, please upvote Michael's suggestion and/or leave a comment here. You help us prioritize what we work on next.  Thanks! 

The code already exists in the contact sheet module.   So it shouldn't have to be written twice. 

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