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Restart after crash - continue where it stoped - not from the beginning!!!

 Hi support team,

I have bought this piece of software a few days ago. My goal was to resort, order and re-arrange my photo archive.

I tried now for the 6th time to do an ingest!!!! Every time the software crashes and stoped working!!!

And after that when I restart PM and do the ingest again it DOES NOT CONTINUE WERE IT STOPED but it creates tons of duplicate files by copying the same files again!!!!

I do a simple copy and paste! No complicated math operations! Just a copy this file to that directory!

And it crashes all over!

I want PM to continue where it stoped the ingest at the crash!!!!

It's the worst piece of software I ever bought!!!!

I lost almost 1 complete day with this "great" software!!!

FIX IT!!!! It's full of bugs!!! Read your support forum!

Best Regards,


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Hi, Markus. I'm sorry you're having trouble. I've created a support ticket for you, and you should be hearing back from support shortly.