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Culling: more than two pics at 100%

I wish to compare more than two pics at a 100% enlargement or even more. I shot a lot of similar images with borderline shutter speed and I need to see all of them at 100% alltogether, as I can do with Graphic Converter, or Camera Raw or Capture One, in order to choose the better one quickly...

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That's a great suggestion. If you like the idea of comparing more than two at a time, please upvote the suggestion or leave a comment. 

This would be fantastic! My workflow involves choosing the best 1-2 photos from the 4-8 photos that I took of a particular person or group. They involve sports/action photos and I typically post 20% of the 3,500 photos I took that day. I like when you click "G" it brings the identical photo in the two photo review pane. If there could be another key "?" that would allow both photos to be on-screen and as you hit the arrow keys they would move together left to right. Thus always having 2 different large photo previews on the screen at the same time. Thanks 

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